About Us

The center is located in Tamsui of north Taiwan, close to the historical site of Fort Santo Domingo overlooking the Tamsui River and the Guanyin Mountain in the distance. AUClC is also the only Univetsity-established Chinese language institute in the Tamsui area. In addition to providing general Chinese language proficiency across all levels online Chinese (customizable) and legal Chinese for new residents, the current curriculum plans to set up special TOCFL classes, Chinese teacher training, and Chinese study for overseas applicants.

History : Formally established on September 1, 2022, the curriculum was derived from the Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing provided by the Chinese teaching group of the International Affairs Office (2010.9~) for the exchange students of sister schools and overseas students at Aletheia University. After the establishment of the center, in order to reflect the national policy of optimizing Chinese, AUCLC actively redesigns the Chinese courses for international students and exchange students with a new concept. The highlight of the Truth Chinese Language Center is that it provides multi-faceted Chinese learning for foreigners as well as new residents in combination with the background of the teachers in the center.